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Southwest Florida Fountains of Fort Myers, FL provides some very important information you need to know about the value of water aeration, and the resulting problems when water isn’t aerated.

Aeration of water has long been known as the best way to treat water problems such as algae blooms, sludge build-ups, and unpleasant odors. Warm weather reduces the ability of water to hold dissolved oxygen in the water. When this happens, the needed aerobic bacteria do not have enough oxygen to break down organic waste. This leads to algae blooms, fish kills, and foul odors.
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Aeration systems inject air into the water, but there is no visual spray of water like the floating fountains. The effect is the same as the floating fountain in terms of aeration and circulation of water within ponds and lakes, but without the actual spray of the fountain. This is a popular option at golf courses that find that the floating fountains may be distracting for players.

How it works: Air is pumped into the lake using an air compressor with tubing (1-3 inch diameter). At end of the tubing, at the bottom of the pond, the air comes out of air stones and bubbles up to the surface. This provides the much-needed aeration, without any of the distracting spray.

For more information on water aeration and how you can avoid problems with your fountain, please feel free to contact us.

A quick explanation of important components in fountains:

Spray Head
Fountain spray heads spray in specific patterns that depend on the design of the actual spray head. Water can come out at different levels and angles, and multi-tiered heights. This allows customers to have many different combinations of angles, levels, and patterns

Spray ring
The process of building a spray ring includes bending a piece of PVC into a ring, drilling a series of holes at different angles, threading them, and inserting brass nipples into the threads.

Spray heads and pieces made out of brass normally, but we can build this out of PVC, which has the same hardness and durability, but at a fraction of the price. When building fountains for customers, we have the ability to provide PVC rings and heads to lower the cost of the fountain. This is a service that few other fountain companies provide and we take pride in offering it.

Southwest Florida Fountains will sell their PVC rings and heads to other companies that install fountains. Please contact us to purchase these components from us.